PC-6001 mkII SR

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PC-6001 mkII SR
Manufacturer: NEC
Release Date RRP Code
PC-6001 mkII SR
¥89,800 ?


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The PC-6001 mkII SR is a home computer released by NEC and upgrade to the PC-6001 mkII. It was released as part of the PC-6000 series.

The PC-6001 mkII SR is backwards compatible with all PC-6001 and PC-6001 mkII games, but its new graphics modes allow for its own selection of software.


PC6001mkIISR Boot.png

"PC-6001 mkII SR World", seen when booting up the system.

Technical specifications

List of games


PC-6000 series hardware
PC-6001 (NEC TREK) (1981) | PC-6001 mkII (1983) | PC-6001 mkII SR (1984)
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