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Welcome to NEC Retro, a GFDL input and output wiki resource for collecting data about NEC's line of home consoles and home computers that is open to the entire community. We currently are working on 3,327 articles and have many more that are requested to be worked on.

While this wiki is designed to help the community by providing information, it is also dependent on the community to be updated. Anyone with an account may edit the wiki. As you feel more comfortable with the site, please feel free to make any changes or additions that you feel necessary.

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Get Involved!

You can become a part of the NEC Retro community in several different ways:

  • Sign up for a NEC Retro account and become part of our group of editors (If you have a Sonic Retro and/or Sega Retro account please use the same username for your account here)
  • We have lots of game pages that are in desperate need of more information. If you know your way around some of these games, help us out by telling us how to play or what to expect. We also have many pages that still need to be made.
  • We are always on the lookout for high quailty, unmarked, genuine game media scans. If you notice a poor quality or missing scan of a game you have, please help by making a scan and replacing the bad one.
  • Short on ideas? Visit the "to do" page

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NEC Retro

The higher energy computer and video game site for NEC.


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