Kore ga Pro Yakyuu '90

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Kore ga Pro Yakyuu '90
System(s): PC Engine
Publisher: Intec
Genre: Sports

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
PC Engine
¥5,8005,800 IG90001


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Kore ga Pro Yakyuu '90 (これがプロ野球'90) is a baseball game for the PC Engine and a followup to the previously released Kore ga Pro Yakyuu '89.

Production credits

  • - Plan -: Dior 30 Man, AC Shintzer
  • Program: Laurel Osamu, Fx Tanaka, Carolla Marcy
  • Graphic: O.D.S., Yasuda Namihei, SRX K.Marunaga
  • Music: Larsen Yoshiki, よわたり あたる
  • Director: Astros Jozuka, Parrish Saeki
  • Presented by: Intec Inc.
In-game credits
KoregaProYakyuu90 PCE Credits.pdf

Magazine articles

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Physical scans

PC Engine, JP

KoregaProYakyuu90 PCE HuCard JP Manual.pdf

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
PC Engine
CRC32 1772b229
MD5 df290c2d9117ac9a402c83dd1fa028e7
SHA-1 a55d38119e533c035077e49947fce7c0b9f10882
256kB Card (JP)


Kore ga Pro Yakyuu '90

KoregaProYakyuu'90 PCE JP SSTitle.png

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