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JinmuDenshou PCE JP SStitle.png
Jinmu Denshou
Publisher: Big Club
System(s): PC Engine
Genre: Shoot-'em-Up

Release Date RRP Code
PC Engine
¥6,700 BG01003


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Jinmu Denshou (神武伝承) is a shoot-'em-up game for the PC Engine. While probably inspired by Space Harrier and 3D World Runner, Jinmu Denshou allows the player free control of their movement in all three dimensions in most stages, arguably making it a precurser to 3d third person action games. It's also unique in including melee combat, though it's difficult to judge the the correct depth to successfully hit an opponent with your sword without the player getting hit themselves. The platforming is similarly difficult due to the lack of sprite scaling on the PCE hardware. These factors along with the generally high and unfair difficulty of other aspects of the game (i.e. how the bosses take an unusually high amount of hits to defeat) have led to the game having a poor reputation, often referred to as one of the worst games in the PC Engine's library along with games like Energy and F-1 Pilot.

Production credits

  • Program: F. Fukaya, T. Kawaguchi
  • Music: M. Uno, Goblin Sound, Benjamin. Hebi
  • Graphic: K. Nakajima, A. Sekine
  • Original Writer: M. Akishino
  • Producer: Eiko. Iida
Source: In-game credits (JP)

Magazine articles

Main article: Jinmu Denshou/Magazine articles.

Physical scans


PC Engine, JP

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
PC Engine
CRC32 C150637A
MD5 B7BD7BB88393A97BDF6072534177FE7D
SHA-1 E38D6D83120301A7BEFA7F496F1A93768060032D
524,288 Card (JP)
PC Engine
CRC32 84240EF9
SHA-1 735BA5D77F49288E360B2908D989EFBDC8B7ADF4
524,288 Card (JP) Alt