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==Physical scans==
==Physical scans==
===PC Engine Version===
===PC Engine version===
| console=PC Engine
| console=PC Engine

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JaseikenNecromancer title.png
Jaseiken Necromancer
Publisher: Hudson Soft
System(s): PC Engine, Virtual Console (Wii)
Genre: RPG

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
PC Engine
¥? HC62005

Virtual Console JP ? points ?

PlayStation 3 JP (Download) ¥? ?


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|title=Jaseiken Necromancer

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Jaseiken Necromancer (邪聖剣ネクロマンサー), sometimes known simply as Necromancer (though unrelated to a different Necromancer, released for Atari 8-bit computers and the Commodore 64 in 1983) is an RPG released for the PC Engine in early 1988.

Physical scans

PC Engine version

PC Engine, JP
JaseikenNecromancer PCE JP Box Front.jpg
JaseikenNecromancer PCE JP Card.jpg