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Ghost Manor
System(s): TurboGrafx-16
Publisher: Turbo Technologies Inc.
Supporting companies:
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
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Ghost Manor is a 1992 action game developed by ICOM Simulations for the TurboGrafx-16.


Anoraff was once a peaceful, small village town, until one night when the sky lit incredibly bright and started a tremor, scaring the villagers. The tremors are revealed to be the appearance of Orb Gamut, who had arrived from another dimension to take over Anoraff with his army of ghosts and other creatures, threatening death to any human who trespasses in his house.

Twelve men had attempted to go to Orb's mansion and defeat him, but were overwhelmed by a group of glowing beasts, with only a few survivors fleeing for their lives. One of the survivors warns his son Arthur of the dangerous creatures that guard the mansion. As he is the sole possessor of Ghostly shot power, Arthur makes his way toward the mansion to defeat Orb and his monsters and save Anoraff.


Production credits

  • Game Concept and Design: Art Huff
  • Programming: Boris Remus
  • Assistant Producer: Tony Sherman
  • Executive Producer: Ken Tarolla
  • Producer: Gary Koffler
  • Music and Sound Effects: Music Comp, Inc., Dave Tumminaro, Chuck Stenek, Roselle, IL
  • Sound Programming: Richard Wolton
  • Special Thanks: Dennis Defensor, Dave Marsh, Doug Snook, Charles Oines, Fred Allen, Toby Papaleo, Todd Squires, and especially the Germans and the Brits...... and all the zany folks at ICOM Simulations
In-game credits

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Physical scans

TurboGrafx-16, US

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
CRC32 2db4c1fd
MD5 2f2d4d92c14ba5770edd5f449507aac8
SHA-1 7092a265599194a280eca9314b496079cc49dcbd
512kB Card (US)


Ghost Manor

GhostManor title.png

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