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DonkeyGorilla PC88 Title.png

Donkey Gorilla
System(s): PC-8801
Publisher: Tsukumo
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
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Donkey Gorilla (ドンキーゴリラ) is a 1983 action game published by Tsukumo for the PC-8801. Though it has a similar name and features a primate character, it is not to be confused with Nintendo's arcade game Donkey Kong.


DonkeyGorilla PC8801 Gameplay.png

Gameplay screenshot.

The player controls a blue primate hanging on a rope suspended by three palm trees, and the objective is to drop projectiles to take out the stick figures at the bottom of the screen before they climb the trees. The primate is moved using  Numpad 4  and  Numpad 6 , and projectiles are dropped by pressing  Space . Each stick figure will award 10 points when knocked out, and knocking out all of them will clear the current stage and move on to the next.

If a stick figure is allowed to climb a tree, the rope will be cut and the primate will fall, thus the player will lose a life. The player must also watch out for a bird that flies overhead and drops projectiles onto the primate. When all lives are lost, the game is over.

Physical scans

PC-8801, JP