Bakushou Yoshimoto Shinkigeki

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Bakushou Yoshimoto Shinkigeki title.jpg
Bakushou Yoshimoto Shinkigeki
Publisher: Hudson Soft
System(s): Super CD-ROM²
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Super CD-ROM²
¥6,800 HCD4045


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|title=Bakushou Yoshimoto Shinkigeki

Bakushou Yoshimoto Shinkigeki (爆笑 吉本新喜劇 ) is a platformer based on a live action comedy show. The focus on the game seems to be to tell jokes, many of which are visual and need no translation, with the gameplay often pausing to show the player something humorous. While the platforming is relatively simple, it's broken up by many minigames, each of which has its own unique gameplay.



jumps and


pauses the game.

Magazine articles

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Physical scans

Super CD-ROM², JP